The Lure of British Period Drama

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but I love British period drama and I can go on viewing marathons for days.  That’s why I’ve been so remiss in updating my blog because I’ve been sucked into another world.  Currently, I am watching “Lark Rise to Candleford” on YouTube and I can’t stop!

Larkrise-Candleford courtesy of

To those of you who share the same passion, I probably don’t need to explain why.  But for those who do not, maybe the appeal of these stories to me is the simplicity of life, the camaraderie of the people, the whole romance of the period.  Why British period drama in particular?  I do watch  a lot of foreign films, too, but there’s is something beautiful in the language of these dramas that you can’t find anywhere else.

Today,  more  than ever, we are connected with people all over the world, but person-to person contact has dwindled.  I think it’s ridiculous that just to see my friends, we both have to check our calendars and make a date just so we can chat.  I long for the days of lounging around and drinking lemonade, when men knew it was their responsibility to provide for their families, and women can stay home and take care of their families, when couples married for life.

Some people may say that it’s an idealized version of life but some people were actually lucky enough to have lived it.  I feel that I’m living a life where I’m constantly on the run  and sometimes even too tired to take a shower.  Although I love the idea of the olden days, but I wouldn’t want to be born during those days when there were no antibiotics, or technology or cars.  Yet some days,  I do long for a slower pace of life, when I can just lay on the grass and watch the stars instead of worrying what my agenda is for tomorrow.

Hence, I escape to Candleford or Hertforsdhire or Downton Abbey.  Care to join me?

Napping with Dogs

The best sleep I every have are naps with my dogs.

Some people may cringe and think it’s weird.  But on my searching the internet for images of people napping with dogs, I found quite a lot.  So the experience is not unique to me.  And I’m glad.  I read that in ancient Mexico, people slept with their dogs and used them like hot-water bottles when they had tummy aches.  I have to say, my Chihuahuas are just the right temperature for snuggling.  Sometimes I get insomnia and the next day I give myself a license to sleep with my pooches.

A few years ago, when my other Chi Eliza was still alive, she would sleep on the back rest of the couch, or on top of my head, wherever she felt like at the moment.  Prissy preferred to sleep on the side of my waist because she fits perfectly in the curve.  And Mandy likes to tuck herself in between my curled legs.  My husband can’t understand why I sleep with my dogs but I’ve done it since I was a kid.  It makes me feel so loved.  We are a pack — a pack of nap lovers.

For some reason, just watching my dogs sleep make me sleepy.  Is it because they look so relaxed?  Sometimes I can’t imagine how creatures like them can be in deep sleep and jump to alertness in seconds.  Maybe it’s because they do have to be perceptive that they take advantage of that bit of snooze to the max.  It’s 2:30 AM right now and they are snoring which is actually making me really drowsy despite the 1:00 AM dinner I just had.

My husband does not allow the dogs on the couch but we end up there most of the time anyway.  I would let them in the bed but that would break up our marriage.  My husband’s compromise is to buy them the best doggie beds so I meet him half-way.  I wish I had a day bed where we can just sleep a lazy afternoon away.

So I really don’t care for naysayers who think dogs belong outside or sleeping with dogs is nuts.  My dogs are better than Ambien any day.  And who wouldn’t want to wake up to the most loving faces anyway?