Phenomenal Peeps

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Since Easter is just a few hours away, my thoughts turn to post-Easter candy sales. Although I did buy 3 boxes of Peeps at retail price, there’s nothing like hoarding a bunch of coma-inducing holiday sweets at 50% off.

But maybe not. Since my foot surgery 2 months ago, I haven’t been able to exercise and have taken solace in the company of my friends,Trolli, Haribo, and Albanese gummi bears (if you haven’t heard of the latter, they are delicious and comes in 12 real fruit flavors.)

Yet I am a weak sugar addict and I might still drift over toWalgreens and rummage through the bins come Monday. And if there are Peeps, well, they are coming home with me.

Which made me curious. Where do Peeps come from? It’s interesting to find out that Peeps is manufactured by an 87-year old family company. They are situated in Pennsylvania and the business was started by Sam Born, a Russian immigrant. He had a small candy shop in New York called “Just Born” and despite the Depression, his business grew and he moved to Bethlehem, PA.

In 1953, Mr. Born acquired the Rodda Candy Co. which made a popular Easter peep that was made by squeezing marshmallow through pastry tubes. Mr. Born’s son Bob, helped mechanized the making of Peeps, making their company the largest producer of novelty marshmallow treats. They also make other famous candies like Mike and Ike and Peanut Chews.

Eight hundred million Peeps are eaten during Easter alone and the company produces enough Peeps to go around the Earth’s circumference twice every year! So I am not alone in my love of this chewy, gooey treat.

So how do you eat your Peep? I eat mine head first because I like to hold on to the tail. And any exposed marshmallow gets dipped in the extra sugar in the box!

Yellow is still the most popular color, which happens to be my favorite. And they have 0% fat! Check out some other interesting facts about Peeps at the following website:

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