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Having spent all night trying to solve computer issues, my thoughts turned to other annoying things/persons that have lately been bothering me.  I don’t watch TV much because there are a lot of other interesting things to do but mainly because of bad programming.  But why is it that these people, despite my practically living under a rock, still invade my consciousness?  I’m sure to offend someone but I’ve decided to make a list of these omnipresent darlings of the masses.  They are in no particular order.

1.   Justin BieberI have to say that he is looking a bit better to me as he grows older but seriously, he’s not that special.  And I’m glad he changed his hairstyle.  He looked like a big head of cotton candy.

2. Snooki –  If you put a troll doll wig on her, she can easily pass off for one.  When I saw not one but two books of her/by her, I didn’t really care to know, in the bookstore, I nearly had a coronary.   What is there in her vapid life worth writing about?.

3.  The Kardashians – Why do people care about who they’re dating or if they’re pregnant?  What’s so special about them that their images are everywhere?

4.  Apple products – It’s amazing how people have flocked to this brand and how many of them think that they’re better than everybody else because of it.  Macintosh is robbing you blind, people!

5.  Teen Moms – It used to be that these are the girls who got sent away by their parents for a “vacation at Aunt Lily’s” but now they are glorified like some kind of role model.

6. The phrase “baby bump” – Why is it everyone’s business now if a celebrity is pregnant?  I’d hate to be the subject of speculation and scrutiny every time I get bloated.  I wish someone like Angelina would shout, “It’s just gas!”

7. The Olsen twins – They are always in the entertainment magazines but what have they done to entertain lately?  They look like mere husks of themselves and their outfits always lands them on OMG!

8. The price of gas –  Hey, I’ve been through the gas rationing years when oil was really scarce but nowadays, some potentate in the Middle East gets his knickers in a bunch and whoosh!  Up goes the gas prices.  I’ve literally gone down one street and come back 10 minutes in the opposite direction and see the gas station prices rise by 30 cents.  What happened between  that drive that I didn’t know about??  I don’t understand why gas, which was already in the storage tanks, suddenly become more expensive than their actual worth.

9. Text messaging – take note, not texting.  That’s a made-up word.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already in the Oxford dictionary.  After all, they’ve included OMG, LOL, and WTF. It’s quite discouraging that language is degenerating.

10.  Prince William and Kate Middleton – For a country that threw of the yoke of  being ruled by monarchy, why are we so fascinated with these two?  Sure I watched Diana and Charles get married but the media frenzy Will and Kate are causing is just ridiculous.  They are just people who happened to inherit a lot of money, that was probably gained in not so scrupulous ways through the centuries.

Okay I feel a little better.  But please, enough already!

2 thoughts on “PLEASE GET OUT OF MY FACE

  1. Very interesting post here. I agree wholeheartedly with pretty much all of your list. The whole “famous for be being famous” is an epidemic and your list shows this.

    Keep up the good work.

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