Whining Behind the Wheel

Today was my day off and I had the brilliant idea of taking care of errands.  I always do this to myself but I digress.  I drive  every day and it never ceases to dumbfound me how many people don’t belong on the road.   I encountered at least 5 such people today and had to blast my horn at least twice.

Scenario 1:  I’m on a major thoroughfare with two lanes going both directions and a turning lane in the middle.  A sedan, was at a 60-degree angle into the turning lane but oblivious to the fact that one-third of his rear was still on my lane.  I had to stop and blare at him and he didn’t even budge!  What’s up with that?  Cars were piling behind me and I had to maneuver around him.

What’s really odd is on my way back, a few yards from the same area, another car did the same thing before going into the left-turning lane.  Did someone spray stupid gas at that stretch of road?  When I was learning how to drive, my mom told me to treat the car like an extension of my body.  So I wouldn’t ever hang my rear out like that.

Scenario 2:  I went into the Norfolk SPCA parking lot thinking there was one open space but it wasn’t wide enough for my car.  I was backing out when this woman tried to bully her way in, blocking my only way of egress.  Again, she wouldn’t budge until I started waving my hands in anger.  What did she expect me to do, execute a vertical lift-off like an Osprey helicopter?

I’ve been driving for 30 years and every year drivers get worse.  Is it because of rampant idiocy, unbridled selfishness, or the death of courtesy?   Please don’t drive in the HOV or the left lane if you are going below the speed limit.   Or swerve into another lane without signaling.  I would also appreciate you not plowing into me while I slow down to turn into my driveway.

Getting behind the wheel and bossing people around doesn’t make you powerful.  It just makes you a jerk. Speaking of jerks –  somebody parked his car on the lined space right next to my handicapped parking space.   It only made it harder for me to get out but who cares, right?