Napping with Dogs

The best sleep I every have are naps with my dogs.

Some people may cringe and think it’s weird.  But on my searching the internet for images of people napping with dogs, I found quite a lot.  So the experience is not unique to me.  And I’m glad.  I read that in ancient Mexico, people slept with their dogs and used them like hot-water bottles when they had tummy aches.  I have to say, my Chihuahuas are just the right temperature for snuggling.  Sometimes I get insomnia and the next day I give myself a license to sleep with my pooches.

A few years ago, when my other Chi Eliza was still alive, she would sleep on the back rest of the couch, or on top of my head, wherever she felt like at the moment.  Prissy preferred to sleep on the side of my waist because she fits perfectly in the curve.  And Mandy likes to tuck herself in between my curled legs.  My husband can’t understand why I sleep with my dogs but I’ve done it since I was a kid.  It makes me feel so loved.  We are a pack — a pack of nap lovers.

For some reason, just watching my dogs sleep make me sleepy.  Is it because they look so relaxed?  Sometimes I can’t imagine how creatures like them can be in deep sleep and jump to alertness in seconds.  Maybe it’s because they do have to be perceptive that they take advantage of that bit of snooze to the max.  It’s 2:30 AM right now and they are snoring which is actually making me really drowsy despite the 1:00 AM dinner I just had.

My husband does not allow the dogs on the couch but we end up there most of the time anyway.  I would let them in the bed but that would break up our marriage.  My husband’s compromise is to buy them the best doggie beds so I meet him half-way.  I wish I had a day bed where we can just sleep a lazy afternoon away.

So I really don’t care for naysayers who think dogs belong outside or sleeping with dogs is nuts.  My dogs are better than Ambien any day.  And who wouldn’t want to wake up to the most loving faces anyway?

The Blame Game

Why is it that today, very few people want to take responsibility for their mistakes?  We all have witnessed car accidents where both drivers claim it’s the other person’s fault.  This happened to my daughter.  She slowed down for a yellow light and the car behind her overtook her from the right.  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t notice that a semi-truck was coming, which hit him.  His car hit my daughter’s (which was already at a stop) and he spun around to the intersection.  According to him, it was my daughter’s fault.  The judge thought otherwise and sentenced him to take driver’s classes and a fine.

Another personal encounter I had with the blame game is when our college’s electricity went out and the  fire alarm went off five minutes later.  As we all learned in elementary school, you are supposed to exit the building in an orderly fashion and the people inside our library did.  I stayed ten minutes walking around with a flashlight to secure the place before locking the doors. We have a cash drawer, a cart of MacBooks, and other valuables so I had to make sure they’re safe.  It turns out, someone was in the conference room.  She did not ask permission to use the room so we didn’t know she was in there.  She did not leave when the lights went out and she claimed she didn’t hear the fire alarm.  And no, she’s not hearing impaired.  When she finally saw emergency vehicles coming into the parking lot, she decided to find out what’s going on.  Of course, I had already locked the doors and she panicked.  She was shaking the glass doors and students passing the hallway couldn’t open it for her and told her to get to the emergency exit doors.  There’s one right next to the front doors and another across the conference room.  She was understandably upset but she took it all the way up to the campus president and of course, who was to blame?  Me.  For following directives to secure the library.  She said somebody should have checked on her.  What is she – five?  Like I said even elementary kids know what to do.    My boss apologized to her but I didn’t.  The campus president said it was embarrassing but he didn’t really scold me and just told me to make sure all the rooms are empty.   Now we have a new directive in place that states staff (professors, et al.)  were to leave all rooms unlocked.  So to hell with the school’s and people’s personal belongings.  We have to make sacrifices for stupidity.

I mention this today because I’m a test administrator and today a person shows up saying that he is scheduled for today when in fact he was supposed to come in yesterday.  I have it in the database and in an appointment book.  On top of that, he was sent a confirmation e-mail.  But my boss is a firm believer in accommodating the customer so it was implied that I had to take the blame for the misunderstanding and fix it.

Finding someone to blame is a common human tendency.  I would surmise that this probably stems from pride.  Nobody wants to look bad or stupid.
But it is a lack of consideration to the person you’re dumping the blame on is also an awful reflection of character.    Of course, we all know about the woman, her coffee, and McDonald’s. No wonder we read warning labels on products like : “Warning, iron may be hot when turned on.”

I read this interesting article titled “The  Psychology of Blame” from The Department of School Psychological Services of the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center in Ohio, that I’d like to share.

It gives some insight on why people blame others.  For some laughs, check out this post on Squidoo:

And if you don’t like these articles, please don’t blame me.

Just another day as a mom

Being a parent is a very difficult job.  First of all, nobody gives you a manual. And then, just when you think you’ve got things mastered, you find out that you are as lost as ever.  With every stage of development, kids can throw you a curve ball.  Plus every child is different so you can’t just have one parenting style.

Take for example my kids.  One is self-motivated and doesn’t require much guidance.  She usually just follows directions and takes her school work seriously.  On the other hand, my son needs a lot of encouragement and prodding.  He tends to just concentrate on what he wants.

When they were babies, I couldn’t wait for them to grow up because I thought things will get easier.  In some things, yes.  They are 19 and 17 now.  But being teenagers, they come with a whole new set of problems.  I thank God none of them are serious.

I had to tackle one of those problems today.  My son’s room.  Or lack thereof..

He loves electronics and always has some ongoing project. But the state of his room has become so ridiculous that there is nowhere to walk without stabbing yourself with something.  He has Asperger’s Sydrome and all the problems that go along with it.  So doing an efficient job of dealing with this mess is overwhelming to him.  After watching him try for 3 days, I had to step in because he was falling into despair.

My mom used to stay that you don’t stop being a parent until you die.  I don’t know.  Since I believe in eternal life, I might be on the other side and still be worrying about them.